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Most businesses need custom IoT hardware to address the challenges they genuinely face. Yet, building bespoke IoT devices is itself challenging, costly and time consuming. This is where Aceso Analytics comes in. We provide end-to-end secure, feature-rich and stable IoT hardware development services. Not just RTOS-based IoT hardware, we have the expertise to build IoT devices from scratch enabling you to build devices with the highest level of customisation. There are already 10 billion active IoT devices. We are here to empower you to stand out from the crowd.

IoT Hardware Challenges That We Address

Back In 2019, Microsoft published a report termed ‘IoT Signals Report’. It revealed the top 5 challenges because of which IoT implementations fail. As expected, the top 3 challenges were – technical challenges, budget issues, the lack of knowledge. Most companies that plan to implement IoT solutions underestimate the complexity and budget issues associated with building a custom IoT solution. We essentially aim to solve these three challenges.

1. Offload the Complexities

The biggest issue with IoT devices is that the software and hardware are intrinsically intertwined. This makes building IoT hardware too complex – you need to have deep knowledge of embedded software in order to build stable IoT hardware. Aceso Analytics boasts of a team of advanced IoT developers with expertise in building IoT hardware and embedded software.

2. Keep a Leash on Costs

Building custom IoT hardware can cover upto 80% of the overall project. It is, therefore, necessary to have a clear view of the cost associated with it. We at Aceso Analytics help you keep a leash on IoT hardware development thanks to our already existing scalable development framework. Moreover, we perform a thorough business case analysis before giving you the go-ahead to invest in the development part, ensuring that the project continues without hiccups.

3. Extend Your Knowledge with Aceso

The IoT world is suffering from a severe shortage of knowledgeable IoT hardware and software developers. The result? Poorly built hardware with buggy firmware resulting in a security nightmare. Aceso Analytics has the capacity to plug this skills gap. Our experienced IoT hardware specialists will ensure you don’t need to shelve your IoT implementation plan.

Our IoT Hardware Design Services

From requirement analysis to prototyping, from designing to productisation and certification – Aceso Analytics offers 360-degree IoT device development services.

Business Use Case Analysis

Every software and hardware development project must start with requirement analysis. However, this step becomes more critical when it comes to IoT hardware development. Why? It’s because 75% of IoT projects are discontinued in the PoC stage. The companies either find these projects not so viable, too expensive to be carried out or too complex to finish. Stopping an IoT project midway can cause significant financial loss. A proper business use case analysis, as well as viability analysis, is of utmost importance. We at Aceso Analytics take this step seriously.


Designing a bespoke IoT device includes heavy investment. Taking an IoT product from concept to the actual market can be intense. Aceso Analytics enables you to overcome this hurdle by building prototypes based on your conceptualised product using 3D printing and readily available DevKits. With Aceso Analytics, you get to test the market and discover the viability of your product before going all in. Once the product looks viable enough, we can optimise the prototype and scale the production up.

Embedded Software Development

Embedded software in an IoT is an intrinsic part of IoT hardware. We have extensive expertise in building custom firmware for IoT devices enabling you to manipulate your IoT device precisely the way you want. We specialise in bare metal firmware development enabling your IoT device to have only those features that are needed – resulting in efficient power consumption. We also work with embedded Linux and RTOS for faster IoT device development with a special focus on stability and reliability.

UI / Dashboard Development

Aceso Analytics works closely with our in-house front-end developers to create an intuitive, user-friendly and feature-rich dashboard for the IoT devices to display information. We offer white-label dashboards allowing you to integrate the name and logo of your business. Our cloud integration expertise simplifies the connectivity between the dashboards and devices. Depending on the use cases, we employ all the traditional networking stacks – Zigbee, BLE, WiFi, and even GSM/GPRS/4G.

Sourcing, Scalability and Commercialisation

Aceso Analytics empowers organisations to source the right kind of IoT device parts, including fabs, sensors, microcontrollers, cameras, DevKits etc. In this time of acute shortage of semiconductors, we ensure continued access to the IoT hardware ecosystem helping you avoid unnecessary project delays.

Aceso Analytics Keeps You Safe From Vendor Lock-in

One of the recurring requests that we get from decision makers in various industries is to keep the IoT devices free from vendor lock-in. We at Aceso Analytics walk the extra mile to make sure that our IoT hardware remains interoperable with minimal proprietary protocols and software.

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