Audio Analytics On a Microcontroller

Salient Features of Our Microcontroller-Based Audio Analytics

Use Cases of Our IoT Audio Analytics

Anomaly Detection

In an industry setting, machines in a factory generate a particular noise pattern when they are switched on. With our IoT audio analytics, you can set this pattern as the benchmark. Any deviation from this pattern would be regarded as an anomaly, and the system can take appropriate action (alert you, take photos etc.) after that.

Voice Recognition

Depending on sine wave patterns for voice recognition might not give optimal results. With our proprietary AI-based voice recognition software, our audio analytics system can recognise voices with accuracy.

Home Security

We’ve built our audio analytics system not just for industry settings. You can use our microcontroller-based audio analytic device to detect sounds of a break-in (for example – the sound of breaking the window glass). Our system can ‘talk; with other embedded devices and initiate further actions – like messaging the owner, switching on the light etc.


A lot of preliminary healthcare investigations can be done by analysing the sound made by the patient’s body or by analysing the patient’s voice. Our IoT audio analytic device can be employed in medical settings to detect coughs, analyse the tone of the patient’s voice, and detect when someone falls down on the floor. The possibilities are endless!

Customer Service (Sentiment Analysis)

One of the limitations of automated voice-based customer service is that it cannot gauge the customer’s emotion based on the tone of her voice. Our microcontroller-based audio analytics system makes your automated customer service bot smarter. It can detect frustration, anger, or happiness from the voice of customers and lead them accordingly.

Use Cases of Our IoT Audio Analytics

At Aceso Analytics, we have built our audio analytics system keeping edge computing in mind. Audio data does not need to be sent to the cloud for analysis. The microcontroller has all the functionalities present in it to analyse the audio and perform actions accordingly. This makes our device fully GDPR compliant with no privacy leaks.


Audio analytics – especially on IoT devices – is a nascent technology. The domain is evolving every day with the addition of newer technologies. Come and partner with a company that keeps on rebuilding itself to offer the most cutting-edge audio analytics technology.  

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