Analytics As a Service

In this age of cut-throat competition, data-driven analysis helps organisations remain one step ahead. Every enterprise today generates a huge amount of data. Analysing this data empowers enterprises to come up with actionable insights enabling them to forecast customer behaviour and tweak their business strategies for maximum success. However, businesses today generate a whopping 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Most businesses simply have no capacity to analyse thousands of rows of data – rendering much of the data useless. This is where Analytics As a Service comes in. Aceso Analytics takes full responsibility for your data analytics endeavours – from ingestion to transformation and, finally, analytics. 

Pain Points That Our Analytics as a Service Model Addresses

The Problem of Dark Data

Every business knows that analysing data can offer unprecedented business insights. Yet, statistics say that over 80% of business data remains unanalysed – remains in the dark. It’s a tragedy that businesses remain helpless despite access to a huge amount of data. Traditional spreadsheet software proves to be inefficient regarding big data analytics. Any business that finds a way to analyse most of its data remains miles ahead of its competitors. Naturally, businesses that fail to do so keep lagging behind year on year.

The Problem of Heterogeneous Data

Gone are the days when data meant SQL-based relational data. Today, with the rise of IoT, data can take many shapes- from JSON to almost unstructured. No Business Intelligence tool can analyse such varied formats of data in a streamlined manner. On top of that, with the increase in data sources, ingesting data is also a pain.

The Problem of Exclusivity in Data Analytics

There are two kinds of decisions – macro and micro. C-level executives and managers make macro decisions. And micro decisions are made by frontline executives like salespeople or marketers. Data can dramatically improve the quality and success of both of these kinds of decisions. However, very often see that frontline executives don’t have access to data. Some don’t have the necessary SQL or other database expertise to manipulate data and gain insights from them. 

Address All Your Data Analytics Challenges with Our Analytics as a Service

We at Aceso Analytics take full ownership of your enterprise data and provide data analytics as a managed service. Yes, we work as an MSP to analyse your data. Gone are the days when Analytics as a Service meant just the presence of a cloud-based analytics app. We go beyond what an app does. 

Take Full Advantage of Your Enterprise Data with Aceso Analytics

Our Analytics as a Service starts from the ingestion stage. We create a complete ELT roadmap for your organisation based on the various kinds of data that your organisation uses. The success of data analytics depends largely on data cleansing. Our Data Engineers take utmost care to clean your enterprise data, correct inconsistencies and fill logical gaps. We help you reduce skill dependency and move beyond the limits of BI tools and empower you to enjoy the benefits of flexible data analysis with R and Python. Play with your data exactly the way you want.

IoT Data Analytics as a Service

When we talk about data analytics, we generally think about relational data. However, increasingly, enterprises are working with unstructured data like log history, geographical data etc. Does that mean these enterprises can’t benefit from data analytics? Of course, they can! Aceso Analytics has dedicated MongoDB and Postgres database engineers enabling businesses to make sense of their unstructured data and gain insights from it. 

Data Analytics as a Managed Services

We provide data analytics as a managed service empowering your organisation to offload all the data analytics responsibilities. We manage data collection, Data Lakes and Warehouses, provide on-demand data analytics services, and of course, we take data security very seriously. Data is the soul of any organisation today. It needs the hands of experts to be handled with care and to be explored to its last bit. Reduce cost –  the managed service from Aceso Analytics provides you with the advantage of enjoying a 360-degree Data Analytics service with no upfront investment in software or infrastructure.

Democratise Data Analytics

Any stakeholder can access our Data Analytics As a Service in the organisation. From salespeople and marketing executives to managers and C-level executives, everyone in the organisation can take advantage of actionable insights from our Data Analytics. We set up an on-demand Tableau or Power BI implementation enabling everyone in the organisation to benefit from no code/ low code data analytics tools.

Why Aceso Analytics? Why Not Any BI Tool?

BI tools like Tableau or Power BI can simplify data analytics – no doubt about it. Their data visualisation capabilities are above par. However, data visualisation is just a small part of data analytics. To gain effective data analytics capabilities, an organisation needs a stable ELT pipeline, a secure and expertly managed Data Lake that does not turn into a data swamp and above all – clean data with minimal bugs and inconsistencies. This is only possible with an MSP-type Data Analytics as a Service model. So, come, let’s shed light on your enterprise data and empower you to derive actionable insights from it.

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