Cloud Enablement of Your Systems

Five years back, cloud adoption was a matter of ‘if’. Today it’s a matter of when. Every statistic points towards the inevitability of cloud computing. For instance, O’Reilly conducted cloud adoption surveys in 2020 and 2021, and the results revealed that 88% and 90% of companies, respectively, had already adopted cloud computing. Cloud adoption is, therefore, a requirement today – not an option. 


However, stats also say that around 74% of cloud migrations fail. That’s because cloud migration has a lot of moving parts. Abstracting away physical IT infrastructure comes with its own set of challenges. This is where Aceso Analytics comes in. Our aim is to make cloud enablement as painless as possible with zero security holes, compliance nightmare and no cost shock.

How Do We Work ?

We address so many different challenges with our cloud enablement services.

The Challenge of Migrating Legacy Systems

Legacy applications need their own custom-made connectors to be able to ‘talk’ with modern cloud platforms so that they can be lifted and shifted with no hiccups. Sometimes that becomes implausible, and we need to completely re-architect legacy applications – which is extremely complex and often leads to chaos. Whatever approach you take, your decision to migrate legacy systems impacts every stakeholder in your organisation and its success.

Shortage of Experts in Cloud Computing

As per the report by Cloudreach, 70% of organisations surveyed have been impacted by the cloud skills shortage. Yet, organisations can’t afford to slow their adoption of the cloud. This results in the creation of half-baked cloud systems that keep on increasing the technical debt of the companies. The shortage of skilled cloud experts is keeping innovation at bay and obstructing the ability of businesses to compete with big companies.

Lack of a Clear Roadmap

One of the basic mistakes that organisations make is to hurriedly take the decision of migrating to the cloud without charting out a roadmap. This is because they suffer from the fear of missing out. This ultimately leads to problems in the middle of cloud implementation and after it has been completed. Organisations make expensive mistakes because of this.

Cost & Security Nightmares

Cloud platforms have a lot of moving parts and a lot of configurations to be managed. And when we say a lot, it’s really a LOT! Keeping control over cost and security is extremely challenging. On top of that, complexities give rise to cloud security issues. In a survey conducted by Statista, 98% of respondent enterprises said 

Our Cloud Enablement Services

Aceso Analytics offers a full suite of cloud enablement services enabling you to extend your internal IT team and seamlessly embrace the cloud with minimal hiccups.

Cloud Enablement As an MSP

We offer cloud enablement as managed service. Offload all your cloud migration complexities on us – we manage, maintain, update and secure your cloud infrastructure with zero intervention from you. We acknowledge the fact that managing a cloud infrastructure can take up a lot of valuable time for companies. Our cloud management services will immensely help you to focus on your core business. 

Cloud Enablement Consulting Services

FOMO won’t help you. You need a full roadmap ahead of you before you decide to embrace cloud computing. Our comprehensive cloud consulting services assess the cloud readiness of your existing system. We build a comprehensive business use case list to dig deeper into your ‘why’ of adopting cloud computing. Next comes charting out the processes and policies. Only after that do we undertake the task of migrating your system and data to the cloud. With our cloud consulting services, you can remain confident about the outcome.

Application Modernisation

Lifting and shifting your legacy applications is hardly a foolproof strategy when it comes to cloud migration. Most of your mission-critical legacy applications need to be re-architected in order to work seamlessly with cloud infrastructure. We offer application modernisation service as part of cloud enablement. It’s time to graduate from monolith to microservices!

DevOps Support

Most people who plan to migrate to the cloud also plan on upgrading their internal processes. We provide a comprehensive DevOps solution which includes building CI/CD pipelines that are tailor-made for your business, abstracting away your infrastructure and enabling automation.

Cloud Security Management

Aceso Analytics bakes cloud security into its cloud enablement services, ensuring military-grade security for your applications and user data. Stay on the right side of compliance with our DevSecOps solution. Remember – security on the cloud is a shared responsibility. This means your cloud service provider won’t take 100% of the blame in case of a security incident. This is why you need to be proactive about cloud security.

Avoid Vendor Lockin with Our Multi-Cloud Strategy

Keep your applications cloud agnostic with our multi-cloud strategy. You don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in anymore. We acknowledge the fact that maintaining multiple different cloud infrastructures can be extremely time consuming and challenging. This is where Aceso Analytics comes in. We have the bandwidth to manage the complexities that come with the multi-cloud setup.

Protect User Data with Our Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Not everything should be kept in the Public cloud. With our hybrid cloud strategy, you have the flexibility of selecting which data you want to store in the public cloud and which data you want to store in the private cloud. Stay compliant with our hybrid cloud approach.

We know cloud enablement is a big decision. Your company does not have to do it alone. Let Aceso Analytics empower you to migrate seamlessly to the cloud.

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