Cloud Vendor Selection

Gone are the days when cloud computing and AWS were synonymous. Today we have the big three cloud platforms – AWS, Azure and GCP – each of them providing superior services. And, then, we have smaller niche players. It becomes difficult for an organisation to select a cloud vendor that can be aligned with its mission and vision. We at Aceso Analytics provide cloud consulting services. As part of that, we thoroughly analyse your requirement and IT maturity to help you select the best cloud vendor that suits you.

How Do We Work ?

Before discussing our process of choosing the best cloud vendor on your behalf, let us tell you that all three major cloud vendors can generally serve you perfectly well. Based on your specific requirement, one of these cloud vendors might suit you more than the others.

Ease of Use

Ease of use (or what many people call- Developer Experience) is the first and foremost criterion when selecting appropriate cloud vendors for our clients. Some companies are already deep into the Microsoft ecosystem. For them, Azure might be relatively easy to use. Again, due to the popularity of AWS, some teams might have more expertise in AWS than that in other cloud platforms. We have comprehensive meetings with the in-house IT teams of our clients to understand which cloud platform would provide the highest level of Developer Experience.

Cost Predictability

Cloud cost is a very touchy topic. There are many instances where companies got cost shock due to overuse of cloud resources – sometimes because of their own fault, sometimes due to hacking. We at Aceso Analytics assess the maturity of your internal IT department and judge whether they need a cloud vendor that provides greater cost control. Also, from the HR perspective, you will find that the experts in a particular cloud provider charge more than what experts in another cloud provider charge. This perspective, too, affects the decision of cloud vendor selection.


Although all three major cloud providers are reliable, some companies find one more reliable than others for a specific scenario. We assess cloud providers’ reliability against the services your organisation would be using. 

Checking The Versions of Tools

Back in 2021, a lot of users were frustrated when AWS delayed support for Javascript V3 SDK. This is not an AWS thing. Many cloud providers stick with older versions of various technologies for whatever reasons. We at Aceso Analytics assess whether your organisation needs the latest version of technology to function properly. This is an often overlooked aspect of cloud vendor assessment.

We Keep a Balance between Free Credits and Vendor Lock-In

Cloud vendors have a history of offering free credits (as much as $100K), enabling you to sign up at extremely low upfront costs. However, these credits can trap you in their ecosystem. We at Aceso Analytics select cloud vendors and design your cloud architecture, leaning towards the open source with the aim of giving you the best of both worlds – generous credits plus no lock-in.

Keep It Simple!

We at Aceso Analytics won’t drown you with unnecessary mumbo jumbo when it comes to cloud vendor selection. Unless you are doing something too unique that requires niche technologies, all the major cloud providers will suit you. Our role is to examine the nuances and assess which cloud provider will give you maximum ROI and minimum headache.

The Aceso Edge

Choosing a cloud vendor is a long term commitment. Sure, you can switch to other cloud providers, but switching is a time consuming and complex affair. This is why, we at Aceso Analytics, build a proof of concept with the shortlisted cloud vendor(s) to have a rough idea whether the vendor will be able to meet the requirement of a particular client. Testing APIs, file management, IAM settings – and the overall system – becomes easy when we have a proof of concept. This is exactly where our cloud vendor selection service outshines others.


Come, let’s look at cloud vendor selection from a long term perspective. Offload all the complexities involved in selecting the right vendor to Aceso Analytics.

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