Vendor Management

Today’s IT landscape has become pretty exciting, with so many technology vendors to choose from. However, this abundance of vendors can sometimes be too overwhelming. Choosing the right vendor, managing these vendors, and the myriad of technologies they offer can be daunting. This is where Vendor Management services by Aceso Analytics come in. Right from auditing software vendors, choosing the right vendors, and negotiating terms to ensuring a robust risk and cost management policy is in place- we handle these crucial parts of starting a business or growing it.



The IT Vendors You Work with is the Backbone of Your Internal Operations. Let’s Have a Robust Vendor Management Strategy in Place

How Do We Work ?

With so many new vendors entering and existing in the tech landscape, choosing the right vendor that can serve you in the long term and remains aligned with the business goals becomes crucial. 

Our services include:

Requirement Analysis

Aceso Analytics sits with key stakeholders in the organisation who will be in charge of the hardware, system and processes, which helps us to gain a clear idea about what the organisation wants, its internal culture and its vision.

Liaising with Vendors

We help you create logical and thorough Request For Information documents to be sent to potential vendors and liaise with them on behalf of your organisation. Our in-house analysts empower your team to assess the viability of potential vendors in terms of stability, technology and after-sales support.

Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Aceso Analytics leverages in-house teams with domain expertise to create selection criteria relevant to your business to select the best IT vendor for you that is aligned with your goals and budget.

Vendor Lock-in Avoidance

As part of the vendor selection services, Aceso Analytics enables businesses to avoid vendor lock-in. We carefully select software and cloud vendors that support open standards. In fact, the decision to have a multi-cloud or a hybrid cloud strategy in place stems partly from the plan of avoiding vendor lock-in. Aceso Analytics empowers you to avoid losing your leverage over software and cloud vendors.

Contract Management Services

We do the uncomfortable talk of pricing negotiation, exit options and feature inclusion with your selected vendor. While contract management is something that requires negotiation, it is an extremely important stage of your IT journey. 


It is extremely necessary to have a robust NDA, security policies, SLSA, Hardware Maintenance Service agreement and the like in place. With the burden of compliance getting heavier with every passing day, our contract management services can be the first step towards litigation-free business growth. Our legal team and the IT team collaborate with each other to offer organisations a foolproof contract management service.


Risk and Cost Management

Vendor selection and contract management are just parts of our vendor management services. As part of the same service, we make sure that the software or cloud platform is configured properly with minimal chances of security risk and compliance issues. Our enterprise risk management service does a thorough security audit of your vendor-provided software and services, prepares a risk profile and enables you to mitigate those risks proactively. Likewise, our cost management services prevent your organisation from receiving cost shocks and help you get the most out of your budget.

Why Us?


At Aceso Analytics, our vendor management service comes with a vendor lock-in prevention strategy and a functional risk management roadmap. We believe that vendor management does not just mean the selection and audit of vendors and their software and services. Some of its aspects overlap with traditional ITSM, and we are up for it.


With our vendor management services-

The success of your organisation depends largely on which vendors you work with and what software and services you are provided with. Vendors impact the growth of your business. Come, partner with Aceso Analytics to make vendor management smoother.

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