Billion IoT devices worldwide predicted by 2025

This is 8 devices per human

Trillion expected to generate by 2025

Was $ 1.7 T in 2019

of enterprise IoT projects is cost savings

Billion Dollars - Healthcare-related IoT revenues

are predicted to increase by 2025

% of healthcare organizations uses IoT technology

% consider Security as a barrier

IT leaders that have cited security as a top barrier to IoT success

World of Connected Devices

Internet of Things (IoT)

Fully Managed Service

Complete Vertical Stack

Embedded Analytics

Neural Networks on a microchip!

Industries we are transforming using our state-of-the-art solutions

Our Industries

Analytics on the Edge

Our Industries

Healthcare & Medicine

Our Industries

Financials & Banking

Our Industries

Sound & Music

Our Industries

Trasportation & Logistics

Our Expertise and Core Capabilities


IoT Hardware Selection and Design

Bespoke PCB design, Assembly and Test. Adding the capability of ANN on the microcontroller.


Data Mining

Aggregation, Sampling, Cleaning, Securing


Data Analytics

Using ML and AI on our private in-house cluster


Reporting and Alerting

Event/Condition/Pattern/Prediction base notifications


Big Data Architectures

Private or public Cloud or Hybrid Architectures


Stacked Containerisation

We believe the adoption of containerisation and expertise in OpenStack, Cloudstack and Docker and off-course Kubernetes. No more vendor lockins

News & Updates

Latest News in Data Science and Healthcare

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