Welfare Tech

Using our Innovative approach we can use residents living patterns to make connections to developing problems or warn about upcoming emergencies which can be used for prevention and early detection to reduce risks.

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Healthcare Features

Early Detection & Prevention

Automatic Concern & Warning

Real time updates

Automatic Threshold Adjustments

Privacy & Security

Our Benefits

Using information, our platform can be leveraged to enhance the efficiency of healthcare services, staff members and significantly reducing chances of overlooking symptoms of developing problems enabling residents to continue living independently and healthcare providers to be carefree.

Peace of Mind

Caregivers can monitor residents and provide assistance when needed, promoting independence and well-being.

Early Detection

Timely alerts for unusual activity patterns or emergencies help prevent accidents or health issues.

Quality of Life

Aceso Healthcare helps create a safer, more comfortable living environment for the elderly or those with special needs.

Making Elderly More Involved

By ensuring independent living the elderly can keep on living their life as usual till they need help.


Reduces the need for round-the-clock care and enables more efficient use of caregiver resources.

Future Proofing

AI in care facilities addresses challenges of an aging population and longer lifespans, enhancing efficiency in healthcare amid resource constraints.

Our Objective

Through Healthcare, our aim is to completely transform and enhance the manner in which we deliver care to our residents. Our focus extends beyond just early symptom detection; we are committed to furnishing healthcare providers with unprecedented insights. These insights hold the potential to elevate not only the residents' quality of life but also revolutionize the distribution of critically scarce skilled healthcare professionals, making it both more effective and efficient.

Platform UI

How We Compare with Others

Emergency Button
Comms with Emergency Response Center
Fall Detection
Activity Detection
Early Prevention
GPS Tracking
Prediction Algorithms
Nutrition Monitoring
Digital Journal
Well-being Tracker
Staff Management
Audio Based Analytics
Smart Scheduling
Efficient Healthcare Distribution
Nurse's App

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